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Finding Articles in the Databases: Types of Journals and Periodicals

Use the library's databases to find academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed/ newspaper/ magazine articles and so much more!

Start with What Type of Articles

Your assignment is to find an article.

"Now what do I do?"  dialog,question,help



First, determine what type of articles and sources are required for your research.

Has your professor specified:

Finding Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly or Academic Articles Via Academic One File Database

Limiting Your Search Results to Find Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly or Academic Articles

Need a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly, academic journal?

Try starting out in the Browse by Discipline Section of Gale Academic One File.

You can choose field of interest, select a narrow subject area, and then limit your search to Peer-reviewed journals.


For Example if you select 'Criminal Justice':


As list of Criminal Justice Topics will appear:


When you select a topic from the list, such as 'Miranda Rights' the search results of Academic Journals will automatically appear.

*Note: If you would like to select other types of articles such as magazines, select the type under Content Types.   

If you need a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal, you can limit your search results in most of the library's databases, like so:

Note the Refine Results menu on the side of the page. Here you can limit your results to Full-Text and Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed Journals, as well as setting a range for the Publication Date (e.g.: 2010 to 2016).


Test Your Knowledge! Take a Quiz!

Think you've got the hang of scholarly vs. trade vs. popular journals? Take this quiz from the Ithaca College Library and find out!

Finding Newspaper Articles

  • an article or opinion piece (editorial) from a Newspaper?

The library subscribes to a variety of Newspaper databases, both current and historical.

You might want to try:

Black Newspapers (ProQuest)
Collection of primary source material essential to the study of African-American culture, history, politics, and the arts.  Examine major movements from the Harlem Renaissance to Civil Rights.

Historical New York Times (Proquest)

A searchable Index going back to 1851.


InfoTrac Newsstand (Gale)
This full-text newspaper database has several New York Newspapers including the New York Times from 1995 on, and over 1,000 major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers. Provided by NOVEL-NY*


National Newspapers Premier (ProQuest)
Online access to current and back issues of the most respected national and regional newspapers from across the U.S.  Titles include The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, Barrons, USA Today and many more.

National Newspaper Index (Gale) 
Provides article citations from 1977 to present for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post.  Provided by NOVEL-NY*

Newspaper Source (EBSCO)
Provides cover-to-cover full-text for more than 40 national (U.S.) and international newspapers, including Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Times (London), Toronto Star, etc.  Also contains selective full-text for more than 370 regional newspapers. In addition, full-text television and radio news transcripts are provided from CBS News, CNN, CNN International, NPR, etc.

New York State Newspapers (Gale)
Provided by NOVEL-NY*

New York Times (ProQuest)

Periodical Types

The University of Maine has created a handy table describing the various types of journals and articles:

Periodical Types table

Email Your Articles and Pre-formatted Citation

When you've found an article you would like to use in your Research Project, ALWAYS email the article to yourself - even if you print a copy out, you should email yourself a backup copy.

This way you will be able to copy and paste source material directly into your research paper, and you will also have all of your citation information available to copy and paste into your References page. 

  • Copy the Article Title and Paste it Into the Subject Field - See the example below. This will eliminate confusion when you scroll through your Inbox, and allow you to find articles you sent to yourself easily.
  • Select the HTML Full Text or PDF Attachment Option
  • Under Citation Format, Select APA (American Psychological Association) - The article will arrive in your Inbox with a pre-formatted APA-style citation, which you can copy and paste directly into your References page for APA Research Paper.

For Ebsco Databases: 

For Proquest Databases:

Searching Worksheet

This worksheet will help you think about what you should be searching, and put your thoughts into order.