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Research Process Toolbox for CJ350: Home

A guide to conducting research for Professor Madera's CJ350 class (Research Methods in Criminal Justice).

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Why do Research?

Why do research?

  It Teaches:

·         Methods of how to find


·         Investigative skills

·         Critical thinking

·         Logic

·         Pros and cons or



What is your assignment? 

Write a research paper on a

“Topic” Serial Killers or Obesity.

Need Scholarly Search from Google?



Let’s pick Serial Killers. 


 What do you already know?

(These will be your keywords to search.)

    • Serial Killers Kill;
    • murder;
    • Ted Bundy;
    • Gary Ridgeway;
    • are mentally ill;
    • may have been abused. 

Maybe do some free writing.

Take 10 minutes and write everything you know about the assignment.

Theoretical question (what do you want to know?):

·         Why do serial killers murder people?

·         Are serial killers mentally ill?


Hypothesis (take a guess):

·         Serial killers murder people because they: (enjoy it) or

       (are mentally ill), (were abused when a child).

·         Serial killers are mentally ill.

Searching Google

Searching Google

Google (Students love to search Google)

Google keywords; what is a serial killer

   - Examine the results and look for

     websites with .gov, .edu, .org.

   - We just:

         - Found Information

         - Next Investigate

Do this for all the keywords, mentally ill, abused, etc.  Make sure

to capture the information as it is found, cut & Paste, printing or

Saving to a USB.


      - Criticial thinking; is this answering at least part of your question

        and/or further defining your hypothesis?

      - Argument (Pros & Cons); is there someone against or for your



   - Do you want this article? Go to APA/MLA citation under Library Resources,

      Library Guides to start preparing your Reference or Work Cited list, also

      make an annotation of how this source is going to be used. Next go to

      Google Scholar located to the far lower left of the screen and repeat the steps


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