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Scholarly & Trade Journals: Scholarly & Trade Journals

Scholarly & Trade Journals: What are they?

Start with What Type of Articles

Your assignment is to find a journal article.

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First, determine what types of articles and sources are required for your research.

Has your professor specified:

What is the difference between scholarly & trade journals?

Your assignment is to find scholarly journals.  This PowerPoint presenation will help answer your questions about whether an article is scholarly or from a trade publication.

Test Your Knowledge! Take a Quiz!

Think you've got the hang of scholarly vs. trade vs. popular journals? Take this quiz from the Ithaca College Library and find out!

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

Limiting Your Search Results and Finding Peer-Reviewed Article

Need a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly, academic journal?

Try starting out in the Browse by Discipline Section of Gale Academic One File. You can choose field of interest, select a narrow subject area, and then limit your search to Peer-reviewed journals.


If you need a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal, you can limit your search results in most of the library's databases, like so:

Note the Refine Results menu on the side of the page. Here you can limit your results to Full-Text and Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed Journals, as well as setting a range for the Publication Date (e.g.: 2010 to 2016).


Periodical Types

The University of Maine has created a handy table describing the various types of journals and articles:

Periodical Types table