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Finding Business Case Studies: Home

Use this guide to find information on Business Case Studies.

What are Business Case Studies?

Case studies present a business or management scenario with a narrative of the pertinent facts but, often, leave the central question(s) unanswered. There is a lot of variation in the definition of a case study.

Commercial, educational case studies, like the well-known Harvard Business School Cases, provide structured cases and often also provide teaching notes and other resources to facilitate learning.

Case studies found in business texts and tradtional books, journals and magazines, and even freely available on the Web, may not provide the same structured learning goals as commercial cases. However, they may be valuable for engaging student discussion and problem solving.

Click on the tabs above to explore library books and article databases, and websites for finding and using business case studies.   

Videos: Analyzing Case Studies

These videos describe methods of case study analysis at Harvard Business School.


This guide was based on a LibGuide created by Webster University Library.