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Find Biographies: What are the Types of Biographies ?

A guide on how to search for biographies of notable people, using books, websites and electronic databases on MyMonroe.

What are the Types of Biographies ?

Types of Biographies


A narrative of a person's life, written by, or as having been written by that person.


A history of a person’s life. It could be written by another author.


A narrative recollection of the writer's earlier experiences, especially those involving unusual people, places, or events.

Search for Books at the Library Using MoeCat

Searching for Books using MOECAT

(MOnroE College Library Book CATalog)

1.  Open MOECAT either on MyMonroe’s Library Resource Gadget or using :

*Library Name: Monroe College 
 No Password Required*

2.  Type your keywords in the search box then click the magnifying glass. (If you would like to search for something specific, use the drop down menu).

3.  Once the results appear, click the title link of your desired book.

4.  Check the status bar, located at the bottom of the screen for the status, branch, location and call number of the book.

5.  Some results may also be eBooks and DVD’s.


Google Search

It is okay to use a google search to find quick and easy information about anything, especially biographies.

Feel free to use the search box below to retrieve quick information.

*Quick Tip*

The first result will most likely be Wikipedia. Wikipedia should NEVER be used as a one of your sources for a paper or even homework.

If you find yourself looking at Wikipedia anyway, scroll down to the bottom to "References" and use the sources that help them write the information regarding the topic.

Biography Websites..

Websites by Subject

Using websites is the quickest way to find information about a person.  

Use the websites listed below to find biographies organized by subject

About African Americans

About Criminal Justice Figures

About General and Public Figures

About Hispanics

About International Figures

About Inventors

About Nobel Prize Winners

About People in Science

About Politics and Politicians

About Presidents

About Sports Figures

About Women

Electronic Databases

Searching for biographies using the electronic databases on MyMonroe:


Credo Reference

Public and Popular Biographies   


Hoover’s Academic

Business Biographies


Literature Resource Center

Author Biographies 


World News Digest

Public and Political Biographies


Credo Reference

Credo Reference (General Biographies)

1. Select 'Biography' from the all subjects drop down menu. 


2. In the 'search box' type the person's name, for example Barack Obama. 


 3. Then click 'search' and results will appear. You can also narrow down your search by subject, media, date and length.




Hoovers (D&B)

Hoovers Academic (D&B) (Companies and Industry Figures)

1. Select the 'People' from the All Categories drop down menu. 



2. In the search box, type the person's name for example 'Mark Zuckerberg'. 


3. Then, click  the search button .


4. The people results page allows you to narrow your search by job title, location, and industry.




Literature Resource Center

Literature Resource Center (Author Biographies)

1. Select 'Person Search'. 



2. Type the author's name in the search box for example Kate Chopin.

If you are unsure of the author's, you can limit your search with other field such as Gender, Nationality, Ethnicity, Occupation, Literary Movement, Genre, Subject/Theme, Place of Birth, Place of Death, Date of Birth, Date of Death and/ or Century. 



3.  Once you type the authors name or limit your search, names (results) will appear. 



4.  After you select the author's name, under content type select biographies.  


World News Digest

World News Digest

1.  Under 'Browse News', select 'By Person'. 



2.  A list of Top News Stories by Person will appear, you can also filter your results by occupation.  


  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the World News Digest page.
  2. Under Featured biographies select 'View all Biographies".